About Us

Transforming Veteran lives through Air Transport, Pilot Training & other vital programs.

It is a sad truth that veterans in our country are severely neglected and poorly supported after they return home from service. This is especially unjust in consideration of the immense sacrifice these brave men and women make, putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom and great nation.

Wings of Compassion is a non-profit ministry lead by former service members who are committed to filling the gap in veteran care and support. Our pioneering programs of private veteran air transport and no-cost civilian pilot training make powerful and long-lasting impacts on the lives of veterans who deserve our support more than anyone. 

Compassionate Flights

Oftentimes injured or disabled veterans have to travel considerable distances within our country to receive the vital treatment or care they need. This travel is seldom adequately covered by insurance, and commercial flights can be impractical or altogether inaccessible. Wings of Compassion uses a network of airfields to transport veterans on privately scheduled flights, making their lives easier and providing reassurance and support to military families.

Life-Changing Civilian Pilot Training

Veteran pilots possess an elite skillset in aviation, but commercial piloting is actually very different and obtaining a commercial pilot’s license is a completely separate process. Nevertheless, many of the skills are transferrable and all veterans need is the opportunity and training.

Wings of Compassion offers a fully funded, no-cost civilian pilot training program taught by certified flight instructors (CFIs). It’s no secret that post-service employment for veterans is a major area of concern in our country, and commercial piloting is an amazing opportunity for vets to apply their skillset and knowledge towards a sustainable professional future.

Help Make a Difference Today

Whether it’s helping us schedule and administer our programs, paying for fuel, providing teaching materials, or funding program expenses, even a small donation can make a big difference.