Committed to Serving Veterans Through Aviation

Wings of Compassion is a nonprofit 501C3 ministry committed to helping veterans through private air transport and civilian pilot training.

Our Mission

We support Veterans through Air Transport, Pilot Training & other key initiatives.

Wings of Compassion is non-profit organization which employs planes and pilots to assist veterans throughout their post-service lives. Whether it’s private air transport to hospitals and national veterans’ facilities or the retraining of pilots for civilian work, we’re here to make our brave servicemen and women’s lives a little easier.



Veteran Transport




Become an Angel

We’re looking for volunteers to help deliver our groundbreaking and essential services. Below are some key ways you can donate your time and skills.

Join Our Team

We need skilled pilots and flight administrators to help provide our aviation services. Join our unique and innovative program of veteran assistance today!

Teach a Civilian Flight Class

Help veterans transfer their military aviation skills to piloting commercial civilian flights. Post-service employment opportunities for veterans is a critical need in our country.

Support Our Fleet

We’re always looking for private aircraft to provide our veteran transport services and train our veterans in civilian piloting. Both donations and loans are welcome!

Partner Organizations

Help Make a Difference Today

Whether it’s helping us schedule and administer our programs, paying for fuel, providing teaching materials, or funding program expenses, even a small donation can make a big difference.