Serving through the gift of Aviation.

Wings of Compassion is a nonprofit 501C3 ministry committed to helping others by utilizing aviation. Formed in 1982. Wings of Compassion has no paid staff or officers so 100% of your donation is tax deductible and goes to support our missions.

Wings of Compassion’s original vision was to help others after a disaster. As we continue to do these types of missions, it is our goal to expand the type of missions via increasing the opportunity and availability to help as many people as possible.


We need the following:

  • Small Aircraft for training
  • Large Aircraft for cargo and personnel transport.
  • Helicopters
  • A&P Mechanics
  • Recovery crews to pickup and ferry donated aircraft.
  • We can use aircraft and parts, flying or not, projects, homebuilts, experimentals, wrecks. We use or trade what we can and sell the rest.
  • Cash, or items donated we can sell.
    Examples, Cars, trucks, trailers, boats, land, hangars. We once had a race horse donated.